Home Improvements Alexandria

Types of Home Improvements in Alexandria

There are times when you know your home needs a makeover. Maybe you feel its looking tired and drab and the features have started to look old and worn; its time for some home improvements in Alexandria. We at LS Handyman Services are a company that has worked in a steadfast manner for over ten years and provided customers across the region with high grade home improvement solutions that have helped transform the look and feel of their home.

We are creative and innovative in our approach to our work and know what it takes to provide the best home improvements in Alexandria solutions to our customers. We work very closely with our customers and provide outstanding services that fit perfectly into their budget. We work in a very concerted manner on projects big and small and ensure that the work is completed to your 100% satisfaction. Not only do we handle all upgrade jobs, but also tackle home repair projects.

Different Types of Home Improvement Jobs

You only have to tell us what your specific needs are, and we will work diligently to see that the job gets done right. We are the experts that handle all types of home improvements in Alexandria jobs, such as:

Renovation– While some of our customers want only certain features in their home upgraded, many want a complete home renovation done. We help you plan this very meticulously so that the revamped space looks aesthetically appealing and is functional too. We provide comprehensive services including electrical, plumbing and floor installations etc.
Carpentry– We have very highly skilled and experienced carpenters on board our team, who handle complete installation of features such as structural floors, pergolas, decks, doors and windows, stairs & handrails, cladding, wall framing, shelving, architraves, skirting & attic ladders. In addition, they can handle furniture assembly and installation of eaves and fascia, roofing, kitchen cabinets and can fit doors and locks etc.
General Repairs – In most instances, home improvements in Alexandria also involve a certain amount of repair work and we handle that too. There are times when features such as gutters, roofs, plaster, windows, doors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, waterproofing, exterior walls etc need repairs and we have the ability and experience to handle it all
Advice and Planning– As mentioned earlier, we believe that every home improvement project has to be undertaken with a great deal of planning and deliberation. Going about it in a haphazard manner, will only end up lengthening the project and escalating the cost. While we are highly focused on providing you the best services, we also provide you the right advice and help you plan the project in great detail.

For more information about our customised home improvements in Alexandria services, call LS Handyman Services at 0415 557 263 or connect with us via this online form.